How to Stop Dogs from Scratching Floors

How to Stop Dogs from Scratching Floors

You love your dog. Your dog loves you. Simple. You care for your dog lovingly, while canine companion looks after his human. While relationships with our dogs can be hugely rewarding, there’s no doubt that pets can be tough on hardwood floors. Never fear, as with protecting yours floors from children and toys, taking a […]

commercial lacquer for residential and commercial floors

Commercial Lacquer for Residential and Commercial Floors

Do your floors take a beating? If you have a busy household with children and / or pets, the answer is probably ‘yes’. Likewise, if you run a business with wooden floors, you are probably nodding your head. We understand. We know that when you go through the inconvenience of having your floors sanded, you […]

Commercial Floor Sanding Staff Training

Commercial Floor Sanding Staff Training

Simply Sanding excels in both residential and commercial floor sanding Essex. Our success rests on a well-trained team, using the best floor sanding equipment. On the one hand, we use the Lagler Trio floor sander. As best-in-class tools in the floor sanding industry, Lagler sanders help create a high quality finish across wooden flooring types. On the other […]

Protect Floors from Dining Room Chairs

How to Protect Floors from Dining Room Chairs

Your wooden floors are gorgeous. Moreover, hardwood floors add value to your home. Likewise, floors scuffed and damaged by everyday use detract from your home’s beauty and value. The dining room poses particular problems. So, how to protect floors from dining room chairs? Tips to Protect Floors from Dining Room Chairs Regular sliding of dining […]

Office floor mats

Office Chair Mats

Office chair mats provide several benefits. Firstly, chair mats can improve your chair’s movement. Therefore they can be part of an ergonomic workspace. Secondly, office floor mats protect wooden floors from rolling office chairs. Finally, chair mats can reduce transmission of static electricity from floors to computer equipment. Thus, office chair mats can protect your […]

How to Protect a Wooden Floor from Rolling Chairs

How to Protect a Wooden Floor from Rolling Office Chairs

More and more people are working from home, and home offices are an important part of many people’s domestic spaces. However, office chairs typically include wheels and these can damage wooden floors. Whether your home office includes softwood or hardwood floors, there a number of ways to protect a wooden floor from rolling chairs. 5 […]

Protect Harwood Floors from Children

How to Protect Hardwood Floors from Children

Your kids are fun, creative, inspirational and you heart’s greatest joy. However, they can be really tough on your wooden flooring. Yet, you can have a fun and beautiful home by taking some steps to protect and maintain your floors. Read our tips on how to protect hardwood floors from children to find out more. […]

stop kids toys from scratching floors

How to Stop Toys from Scratching Floors

Wooden floors offer many advantages for families. They are hard-wearing and easy to clean. Hardwood floors reduce indoor air pollution, offer outstanding durability and incredible good looks. However, they can lose their lustre when repeatedly bashed by children’s toys. Luckily, parents need not endure the scratched floors until the nest is empty. There are steps […]

Best Flooring for Buy-To-Let Properties

Best Flooring for Buy-To-Let Properties

Three factors determine the best flooring for buy-to-let properties: practicality; toughness; and price. Likewise, landlords choosing the best flooring for rental properties should also consider property value; property location; and the type of room being re-floored. Seasoned landlords often argue for the importance of durability. In this way, it may be possible to reduce costs […]

Best Flooring for Rental Properties

Best Flooring for Rental Properties

When refurbishing a property to let, landlords often wonder, what is the best flooring for rental properties? When choosing flooring for investment properties, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. As with owner-occupied properties, there are a number of benefits to updating floors, including the potential to add value with refurbished floors. However, there are a number […]