Painted Floorboards Essex

Painted Floorboards

Freshly sanded floorboards often brings to mind smooth planks with visible grain, finished with a stain and sealant. Thus, highlighting the wood’s natural beauty and characteristics. For some, the thought of covering the inherent beauty of wooden floors with paint is tragic! However, painted floorboards can produce stunning results. Indeed, we’d argue that painted floorboards […]


Grey Floorboards

One of the fastest growing trends in hardwood flooring is grey floorboards. The neutral colour is a stunning blend of cool and contemporary. More and more homeowners are requesting this colour after sanding their floorboards. Grey Floorboards Pros and Cons Grey floorboards are versatile and chic. Smokey grey tones pair well with most colour palettes, […]

Flooring Trends for 2017 Floorboards

Flooring Trends for 2017: Floorboards

2017 is the year of floorboards! Clients are increasingly seeking statement floorboards. For good reason! Floorboards in bold colours or with customised details make interior spaces feel special and unique. Indeed, imaginative finishes is one of our favourite flooring trends for 2017 floorboards. Simply Sanding floor sanding in Essex provides high quality floorboard refurbishment. With […]

Wooden Floor Trends 2017 Herringbone Floors

Wooden Floor Trends 2017: Herringbone Floors

Not the least bit surprising, the parquet flooring trend that caught our attention last autumn is still going strong! The classic herringbone pattern has taken the spotlight with its stylish and sophisticated design. Wooden floor trends 2017 herringbone floors have won a spot in our hearts and the homes of our clients who adore the […]


Change the Colour of Hardwood Floors

In life, change can be hard. Switching careers, moving, or making an exit from a stale relationship all present challenges. One change that isn’t hard, is changing the colour of hardwood floors. That’s right! It is a misconception that changing the look of your wooden floorboards is impossible. That notion is unfounded and changing the […]


Low VOC Floor Sealants

At Simply Sanding, we want our customers to love their wooden floors! Whether we’re installing new hardwood or refurbishing existing floors, we want to ensure that we’ve done everything we can to reduce our clients’ exposure to the harmful toxins that can be a byproduct of improvements. Therefore, we are committed to using only high-quality low […]


Spring Clean Wood Floors

While we love the Hygee trend in the winter months to help combat the short, dark days and colder temperatures, it’s time for a change. We’re ready to stow away the blankets, trade hot tea for cool drinks, and open up our homes to welcome spring. For those of you that have no clue what […]


Best Time of Year to Have Floors Sanded

It’s a question we get asked quite frequently. When is the best time of year to have floors sanded? There are a number of ways that we can respond to this inquiry. It doesn’t necessarily come down to a specific date and we don’t tell our clients that the best time for refurbishment is always […]


Best Flooring for Eczema

We are a product of our environment. Where we spend the majority of our time has the greatest influence on our overall well-being. Unfortunately, that means that our homes could be contributing to allergies and other health impairments. So what are is the best flooring for eczema sufferers? The products we bring into our homes, […]


Best Flooring Texture for Your Home

Wooden flooring comes in a multitude of wood varieties, colours and finishes. Floors can be laid in many unique patterns. Another element that should be considered when choosing hardwood flooring is texture. Texture adds another dimension not only to the surface of a floor but also to the room it is placed in. The best […]