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How to Refurbish Parquet Flooring

Parquet floors, long a feature of period homes, are increasingly popular. On the one hand, some homeowners aim to install parquet flooring. On the other hand, some homeowners want to know how to refurbish parquet flooring. Before You Learn How to Refurbish Parquet Flooring, Remember Proper Maintenance Parquet flooring, can offer years of great performance. […]

How to Install Parquet Flooring

How to Install Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring adds a dramatic impact to interior spaces. A regular feature of early-20th century period homes in the Southeast, parquetry such as herringbone, chevron and five-finger mosaic, impart a classic sophistication while providing excellent durability. So, what if you want to add trending parquet floors to your home? Here’s our guide on how to […]


Flooring Trends: Parquet Floors

Flooring trends come and go. However, the trends that tend to resurface are the classics we can always rely on. With the recent surge of new interest in parquet flooring, we wanted to review the importance of parquet floors Essex. Parquet Floors Essex Parquet offers not only a little whimsy whilst retaining a classic feel. […]


Herringbone Floor Sanding in Essex

We love refurbishing mosaic flooring. Working in the Southeast means we encounter plenty of period homes with beautiful herringbone parquet flooring. While the floors in many 1930s homes have bags of potential, it is often hidden by years of built up grime. However, skillful herringbone floor sanding Essex can reveal a beautiful and hard-wearing floor. […]

Herringbone Parquet Floors

Herringbone Floors

Herringbone floors add a distinctive look to your home, while offering excellent durability. Parquet flooring styles such as herringbone are a feature of many British 1930s homes. However, parquet flooring, especially the herringbone pattern, has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Herringbone parquet flooring adds a unique look to contemporary homes or accentuates […]


No More Hay Fever: Allergy-Proof Your Home with Wooden Flooring

Allergy-proof flooring options can improve quality of life for asthma and allergy-sufferers. In addition to taking steps for cleaner indoor air, allergy-sufferers can consider hypoallergenic flooring options. In particular, carpeting traps skin particles, the favourite food of dust mites. Thus, replacing carpet with allergy-proof flooring can reduce allergens in the home. Allergy-Proof Flooring Wooden Flooring […]

Simply Sanding Cleaner Indoor Air Quality

Wooden Floors for Cleaner Indoor Air

Concerned about the air you breath? While outdoor air pollution is a growing concern for many in our larger cities, indoor air quality is often poorer than outdoor air quality. Indoor air pollution can trigger asthma symptoms and contribute to poor respiratory health. However, there are several steps you can take to for cleaner indoor […]

dustless floor sanding essex

Dustless Floor Sanding Essex

There’s no doubt that refurbished wooden floors can improve the value of your home. Well maintained wooden floors can also increase the cleanliness of your home or business by improving indoor air quality. However, floor refurbishment can be a messy business that causes great inconvenience and dangerous levels of dust in your home or business. […]

How to Stop Dogs from Scratching Floors

How to Stop Dogs from Scratching Floors

You love your dog. Your dog loves you. Simple. You care for your dog lovingly, while canine companion looks after his human. While relationships with our dogs can be hugely rewarding, there’s no doubt that pets can be tough on hardwood floors. Never fear, as with protecting yours floors from children and toys, taking a […]