Commercial Floor Sanding Essex

Simply Sanding’s commercial floor sanding Essex is second to none. We work with businesses and organisation across Essex to repair and refresh their floors. From schools and churches to pubs and restaurants, we tackle well-used floors to bring out and preserver their natural beauty for years to come. Commercial flooring has particular requirements that go above and beyond residential flooring. The wooden floors in your premises require careful preparation and sealing to ensure utmost performance and longevity. We have the know-how and passion for a job well-done to sand and seal commercial hardwood flooring for a spectacular and robust result.

Commercial Floor Sanding Essex: Dustless Sanders

Commercial Floor Sanding Essex: Our Experience

Simply Sanding undertakes commercial floor sanding and, for example, we have worked with schools to restore the wooden floors of their school halls to a beautiful and durable finish. As with our domestic customers, we work to a high standard and strive for full customer satisfaction. This is how we do it.

Commercial Floor Sanding Essex: Sanding

We can improve your floors, no matter if they are a decade or a century old. Following a step-by-step process we prepare, repair, sand, stain and seal your floors. Sanding a floor is a labourious, meticulous process and we’ve got the experience and equipment to do the job right. To begin with, we carefully check your floors for defects and make any necessary repairs. Next, with 95% dust-free sanders, we sand your floors. Firstly, we run a coarse belt over your floor. This removes any dirt from the floor. On occasion and in extreme cases, we have to cross your floor with the coarse belt to ensure a level floor. Secondly, we run 2-3 finer grit belts over your floor to close the grain prior to applying a sealant.

Commercial Floor Sanding Essex: Staining and Sealing

Once we have achieved a perfectly fine finish, we stain and seal your floors. If a stain is desired, we create test patches of stain colours for your consideration. Then we stain the floor as desired. Lastly, a durable commercial-grade sealant is applied to your floor. First, we apply a base coat. This is followed by 2-3 top coats of heavy duty commercial floor sealant. The floor is buffed after each application of sealant to ensure no undulations occur on the surface.

Commercial Floor Sanding Essex

Commercial Floor Sanding Essex: Wooden Floor Styles

A wide range of wooden floor styles are present in local businesses and organisations. Including: strip hardwood flooring, parquet; herringbone; mosaic; and traditional floorboards. We can successfully refurbish any wooden flooring from severely damaged floorboards to disassembled mosaic. To start, we work with new or reclaimed wood that matches your existing floors as closely as possible. When combined with our thorough multi-step sanding process, your repaired, sanded and sealed floors shine with quality craftsmanship.

Commercial Floor Sanding Essex: Dustless and Low VOC Processes

Simply Sanding respects your premises. We strive to work efficiently and cleanly, leaving your business’s air quality improved through refurbishment or installation of wooden flooring. Our approach demonstrates our commitment to creating healthy indoor environments. Through the use of dustless machines and low VOC finishing products, we minimise indoor air-pollution related to our work.

Simply Sanding commercial floor sanding Essex, aims for minimal disruption to you and your patrons. Firstly, we use dust-free machines to reduce mess in your property. Exposure to duct can be harmful to the lungs. We limit your property’s exposure to dust with industry-leading dustless machines from Lagler. In this way we can preserve a healthy environment while making clean up after sanding much easier. What’s more, we tidy at the end of each workday.

We also work with high quality low VOC floor sealants and stains. Why choose low VOC products? VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, are present in adhesives, sealants, carpets, paints and other common home improvement products. The dangers of long term exposure to VOCs include a number of health risks. Therefore, we use Loba’s low-emission floor sealants and cleaning products. Loba’s products meet or exceed rigourous consumer protection standards, helping us to maintain high air quality in your property.

A Commitment to Customer Service

Excellent service starts with rust. Trust comes from honesty and integrity. These values are central to how we work. Our pricing is clear and no-quibble. From here, we can start as we mean to go on, with respect and clarity.

Simply Sanding doesn’t stoop to gimmicks or high pressure tactics. We’d love to offer you a free no-obligation quote for your commercial floor sanding Essex. We happily supply references, and our many satisfied clients gladly testify to our high quality sanding and installation services.

We pride ourselves on our wooden floor refurbishment services including floor sanding Essex, floor sanding Suffolk, floor sanding London, commercial floor sanding Suffolk, commercial floor sanding London and more throughout the Southeast. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.