Commercial Lacquer for Residential and Commercial Floors

Do your floors take a beating? If you have a busy household with children and / or pets, the answer is probably ‘yes’. Likewise, if you run a business with wooden floors, you are probably nodding your head. We understand. We know that when you go through the inconvenience of having your floors sanded, you want the longest-lasting finish. That’s why we use commercial lacquer for both residential and commercial floors.

Commercial Lacquer for Residential and Commercial Floors

Commercial-grade lacquers offer better protection for floors than those aimed at domestic spaces. Not only do we choose the best sanders and staff training, we choose high-grade sealants for our projects. Junckers, Danish flooring and sealant manufacturers, is an industry-leader. Their high-quality lacquers exceed industry and regulatory standards. By choosing Junckers HP Commercial lacquer for domestic and commercial projects, we seal all floors with the highest level of protection.

commercial lacquer for residential and commercial floors

Junckers HP One Commercial

Originally designed for commercial flooring, Junckers HP Commercial offers superior protection for high traffic areas. This sealant offers clients many advantages. Firstly, as a single-part lacquer, no mixing, hardener or catalyst is required. Next, while milky-looking in the tin, this lacquer dries to a clear finish. The final finish is odourless and very hard-wearing. In addition, as a water-based sealant, HP Commercial applies and cleans-up well. Likewise, drying times beat many solvent-based competitors. Moreover, water-based lacquers tend to contain fewer VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) than oil- or solvent- based products. In Junckers’s case, HP Commercial meets both Danish indoor-climate and EU REACH standards for low-emission products. Just another way our floor sanding Essex helps to reduce VOCs in your home or business, and improve your indoor air quality.

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