Domestic Floor Sanding in Essex

Domestic floor sanding

Running the sander

Refurbishment of Domestic Wooden Floors

Simply Sanding is happy to undertake domestic as well as commercial floor sanding in Essex and the Southeast. We are passionate about recovering the natural beauty of your wooden floors and our goal is complete customer satisfaction. The particular needs of domestic floor refurbishment can vary from those of wooden floors in commercial premises. In all cases, we use equipment to minimise dust and disruption during our floor sanding work. Here’s a breakdown of how we approach domestic floor refurbishment.


Fully sanded herringbone floors

Sanding Your Floor

In many cases, domestic floors have been covered by carpet for years, which results in dirt being ground into the wood of your floors. Where your wooden floorboards have not been prepared for sanding, we are happy to arrange removal of carpet, underlay and gripper at a small cost. Firstly, we run a coarse belt over your floor in order to remove the worst of the dirt and discoloration from your floor. In cases of extreme wear and tear, we may sand at a perpendicular angle to your floorboards’ arrangement. This allows us to level your floor. Next, we sand you floor with 2-3 finer grit belts in order to close the grain prior to sealing your floor. Finally, once we have achieved a perfectly fine finish, we apply a single base coat followed by 2-3 top coats of heavy duty satin floor sealant. Your floor is buffer buffed after each application of sealant in order to prevent undulations across the surface.


The finished floor

Sealing Your Floor

For domestic wooden floors we use Resident Sealant (formerly Spectra). Spectra is a one-component waterborne polyurethane/acrylate finish for the surface treatment of wooden floors in homes and other areas subject to normal wear. The high viscosity provides a well-bodied surface and makes application easy without adversely affecting the good levelling properties. Further, Resident Sealant does not cause any yellow discolouration. We are happy to stain your floors before applying the sealant and will gladly prepare patch tests on your floorboards at your discretion.

We pride ourselves on our domestic and commercial flooring installation and refurbishment services including floor sanding Essex, floor sanding Suffolk, floor sanding London, and throughout the Southeast. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.