Dustless Floor Sanding Essex

There’s no doubt that refurbished wooden floors can improve the value of your home. Well maintained wooden floors can also increase the cleanliness of your home or business by improving indoor air quality. However, floor refurbishment can be a messy business that causes great inconvenience and dangerous levels of dust in your home or business. Enter dustless sanding.

dustless floor sanding essex

What is Dustless Floor Sanding?

No floor sanding process is 100% dustless. However, dustless sanders greatly reduce the amount of particles left in your air:

A dustless sander is essentially any orbital or belt sander that has been designed or modified so that suction removes the sanding dust before it can be breathed by a worker or settle in a room. ~ What Is a Dustless Sander

While dustless processes are important for workers’ health and safety, they also benefit home and business owners. Using dustless sanders, less fine debris can settle into electronics, on furniture, or on bookshelves and window ledges. By ensuring as little sanding dust as possible escapes during refurbishment, clean up after the job is done is much easier.

Why Dustless Floor Sanding

Clearly reducing dust and indoor air pollution has important health benefits for asthma suffers and others with respiratory problems. Equally, cleaner indoor air has health benefits for all users of an indoor space and hardwood floors can play an important role in cleaner indoor air. However, it is vital that any floor refurbishment doesn’t leave indoor air worse than before work began. This is why dustless floor sanding is so key.

The floor sanding process can release a number of unpleasant particles into your indoor air. Not just fine wood and dirt particles, but also particles of VOC (volatile organic compounds) used in previous finishes. Choosing a dustless process significantly reduces the amount of particles left in your air after sanding.

Dustless Floor Sanding Essex

We work hard to keep your indoor air clean, during and after our work. Simply Sanding floor sanding Essex offers both dustless sanding as well as low VOCs floors sealants. We take pride in our dustless floor sanding Essex, as we work with industry leaders to train our staff in the proper handling of dustless floors sanders. Simply Sanding prioritises a job-well-done and a satisfied client. Keeping dust to a minimum is essential!

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