Edwardian Floors

edwardian floors and wood floor sanding EssexThe UK has a rich architectural history that is continually evolving. Flooring is a big part of these changes and often the style of a floor offers an indication as to when it was installed. Like all fashion, trends come and go and when bolder designs, like Edwardian floors, first appear they are considered new and  beautiful but because they are so different from the norm, in a few generations they are considered dated. For some, this is the end of the road, never to be seen again while others experience a resurgence in popularity. The Edwardian period had a big impact on what we see today due to a rise in middle class homes that were built during that period.

The History of Parquet Edwardian Floors

Parquet flooring first appeared in the 1600’s as a replacement for marble flooring which required continual washing and would rot the joists beneath the floors. Only the wealthiest people could afford these floors since they took a great amount of skill and time to hand carve, sand and fit each piece together. The turn of the 20th century through the 1920s (or the Edwardian period) saw massive growth in the middle class and subsequently lead to many new homes being built. Many still dominate the suburbs. The new middle class wanted to show off their wealth and chose elaborate decor that previously was only reserved for affluent and royal families due to cost. With new manufacturing techniques and an abundance of wood from America, many of these new homes were also built with parquet flooring. These Edwardian floors remained popular until the 1930s when the advent of carpet manufacturing made it possible for the beautiful parquet to be covered.

Edwardian Wooden Floors Essex and More

Recently, there has been a renewed interest in wooden flooring and in turn parquet is making a comeback. Edwardian floors are once again becoming popular among homeowners with old parquet and is being restored with new variations of the style being installed in both homes and businesses.

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