Floor Sanding Essex: Empty Nesters Reclaim Kids’ Rooms

Floor Sanding Essex Empty Nesters Reclaim Kids Rooms

For many parents, it can be bitter-sweet when the last child leaves home. It’s difficult to say goodbye to the space that has housed and protected young loved-ones, where memories of bedtime stories and goodnight kisses still linger. For other parents, it’s time to pop the cork on the champagne, celebrate a job well-done, and start the demolition. Whether you’ve been dreaming of this day and already have plans for an in-home spa, or you still want to have a place for the kids to come home to, reclaiming the empty nest is a task that parents will have to face eventually. And an empty room is full of possibilities.

Floor Sanding Essex Empty Nesters Reclaim Kids Rooms

Whatever you choose to do with the newly vacated space, it should reflect your personality and interests. Make it into something that will be useful for your current and future lifestyle. Here are six ideas to get you thinking about what would make an empty bedroom yours again:

  1. Guest Room – If you have frequent visitors or expect to see your children (or grandchildren) come back for short visits, take down the posters, air the place out, and furnish it with bedroom decor that matches your tastes. Even if children will be visiting, the guest room can still be an extension of the rest of the house’s design – just use some creative storage solutions.
  2. Craft Room – If you fancy yourself a crafty person, turning an empty bedroom into a craft room is a fantastic way to provide space and organization for your craft. Consider updating the lighting if it’s sub-optimal. You can also give your new craft space a theme, such as a tailor shop or an art gallery. The most important thing is for the room to be somewhere that inspires you and your craftier side.
  3. Home Office – A home office doesn’t have to be limited to those who work and make their living from home. It can be a place for domestic business, such as paying bills, or a retreat for writing that novel you’ve been thinking about for 18 years while raising kids. Maybe you’ve decided to blog, take up photo editing, or research your ancestry. The home office can also be simply a computer room or even a nice place to read.
  4. Dream Walk-In Closet – Many empty-nesters are choosing to use vacant adjacent rooms as an oversized wardrobe, complete with built-in custom cabinetry, rolling racks and shoe displays. If fashion is a passion of yours, this may free up some space and help you stay organized.
  5. Home Gym – Now is your chance to save some time and money and bring the gym to you. Even a bedroom on the small side can comfortably house a treadmill and some dumbells. Mounting a television on the wall can be a space-saving move if keeping the floor clear for the yoga mat or dance routine is necessary.
  6. Entertainment Space – If you like to entertain guests, an empty room can become a place to that reflects this. Get creative! Are you a movie buff? A theater room where you can have intimate screenings of the newest movies might fit the bill. Maybe you’re an avid reader or book collector. A cozy library setting might be just the place to host your book club. Consider what you like to do in your spare time with friends or family. From sampling fine wines to driving model trains with the grandchildren, the possibilities are endless.

Floor Sanding Essex

However you choose to use the room, having a blank slate is the best way to start. Wooden floors are timeless and work great in any of the ideas above. Whether it’s an old wooden floor that needs sanding, or dirty carpeting that needs removed and replaced with a new wooden floor, we are here to help. Simply Sanding works throughout London and the Southeast, including Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, and surrounding areas. We always offer a free, no obligations quote, so don’t hesitate to ring us.