Floor Sanding Essex: Ideal Swedish Home Boasts Great Use of Wooden Flooring

The perfect home is a relative concept. This idea changes with time, from where the current desirable neighborhoods are to recent aesthetic trends. Even regional preferences still play a major role in architectural design, even within national borders. In Sweden, the popular property website Hemnet gathered statistics based on what types of homes and features were the most sought after, and determined what most people would want in a home. They took the data to two of Sweden’s foremost architects where the duo designed the perfect home based on 200 million website clicks on 86,000 properties between January and October 2014. This home is designed with the most popular measurable features in mind: number of rooms, layout, flooring, size and price. Photos of interiors were even analysed to determine interior decor preferences such as wall colour and, probably the most interesting to us, flooring type.

Floor Sanding Essex Hemnet House Flooring

floor sanding essex hemnet house flooringIt’s no surprise to us that the most popular flooring choice for the Swede’s ideal home is wooden flooring. The durable and beautiful material has been used for hundreds of years all across the globe. The varieties wood available, versatility, and relative abundance have made wooden flooring a timeless choice that spans all tastes and preferences. The Hemnet home features wide plank wooden floors throughout the living and sleeping areas, offering a modern take on the classic material while blending perfectly with the rest of the design. The only room that the wooden flooring doesn’t appear in is the washroom, but we think it would have looked great! The choice of wooden flooring throughout the home also coincides with the eco-conscious culture, offering a sustainable option that can last for decades.

The Hemnet Home is a great example of a modern home that can suit the needs and desires of many people. However, the ideal home will never be a one size fits all. A home is a very personal space and should reflect the lifestyle, tastes, and preferences of those living within it’s walls. Sometimes a home needs to be updated to fit these desires..

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