Floor Sanding London

Simply Sanding takes great pride in delivering premium floor sanding London services. Servicing the Southeast since 2004, our experience includes the flooring types featured in our region’s homes businesses. For example, parquet flooring types such as five-finger mosaic and herringbone parquet. We offer domestic and commercial floor sanding in London and across the Southeast in Essex, Suffolk and East Anglia. We happily provide specialist quotes to customers outside this region.

Floor sanding London

Floor Sanding London: Sand, Stain and Seal

We can refurbish your floors be they 10 years or 100 years old. Floor restoration requires attention to detail and following best practices. For instance, floors must be properly prepared prior to sanding. Otherwise, the results can be disappointing. Therefore, we follow a methodical process when working on your floors. This includes preparation, repairs, sanding, staining and sealing.

Best Practices

Following best practices is the key to great floor sanding. We appreciate that homeowners in West London work hard to maintain their homes. So, when it comes time to refurbish the floors, Londoners expect a great result. Our commitment to best practices helps us deliver those results, consistently.

1. Preparation & Repairs

Firstly, site preparation. Ideally, start by emptying and dusting the room. This helps with the next step, repairs. At this point, we inspect your floors for damage and make any repairs. In particular, damaged wooden floorboards, parquet or herringbone floors are repaired using new or reclaimed wood. Moreover, we nail down any protruding nails and remove any large debris.

2. Gap Fill & Sanding

Thirdly, if working with floorboards, we fill gaps at this stage. Using either mass fill or reclaimed pine slivers we close gaps between boards. This offers the best draught-proofing for floorboards, and gives a great finish. Next, using a dustless process, we sand your floors. Floor sanding requires multiple passes with a sander. That is, starting with coarser grits and moving to finer, we sand your floors several times for a smooth finish.

3. Stain & Seal

Lastly, we stain and seal your floors. To begin with, we prepare test patches your consideration. Seeing your chosen colours in your room’s light and decor helps you make the right decision for you. Our range of wooden floor stains follows the spectrum from the lighter English Oak to the darker American Walnut and Jacobean Dark Oak. Of course, staining is optional and many people love the raw beauty of unstained floors. However, if you choose a stain, we apply several coats to your floors.

Phew – almost done! Once your stain is dry we can move to the last stage of the process, sealing. This is when we apply several coats of a durable sealant for years of beauty and resilience.

Floor Sanding London: Wooden Floor Styles

Simply Sanding’s floor restoration London expertise includes the range of wooden floors found in local properties. Namely: hardwood floorboards; parquet; herringbone; and mosaic. We can repair and restore flooring in any condition. From rotted floorboards to disassembled mosaic, it just takes care and diligence to get a great result. First of all, we choose reclaimed wood to ensure repairs blend seamlessly with your original floors. Furthermore, our refined preparation, sanding and finishing processes follow best practices. As result, your refurbished floors look and perform to the highest standard. So, if you’re looking for a traditional finish to a damaged mosaic floor or for modern grey painted floorboards, we have the skills you need!

Floor sanding London Victorian floorboards

Floor Sanding London: Low VOC and Dustless Processes

Simply Sanding respects your home. We strive for improved indoor air quality after refurbishment or installation of wooden floors. Our processes reflect our commitment to clean and healthy homes. Through a combination of dustless machines and low VOC products, we minimise indoor pollution from our work.

Simply Sanding floor sanding London seeks minimal disruption to your home or business. To begin with, we use dust-free machines to limit the mess in your property. Next, we tidy at the end of each workday. Lastly, once finished we hope you’ll agree that the restoration has improved the look and feel of your home or business.

Moreover, we also choose the highest quality low VOC floors sealants and stains. VOCs are present in adhesives, sealants, carpets, paint, and other products commonly used in construction and refurbishment. However, there are water based, low VOC alternatives. For this reason, Simply Sanding uses low VOC products from Loba Sealants. Loba’s floor sealants and cleaning products are low-emission and meet or exceed consumer protection standards. In a range of textures, including matt satin, these sealants look and perform great. They are also safer to use and more environmentally friendly.

Floor sanding London floor sanders ready

Floor Sanding London: Wooden Floor Installation

In addition to wood floor restoration, we offer installation. We install a wide range of flooring types, including: reclaimed floorboards; mosaic, herringbone and chevron parquet; and engineered wooden floors.

Installed pre-finished or unfinished, engineered floors can be installed in three ways:

  • floating floors on underlay
  • secret-nailed to timber subfloors
  • glued to concrete subfloors

Similarly, we fit floorboards and parquet flooring as unfinished, Once in place, we finished using our sanding, staining and sealing processes.

All installations are fully-inclusive with supply and fit of latex or concrete screed as well as all mouldings, scotia, quadrant, skirting boards, ramps and t-boards to match your wooden floors. As with our hardwood floor restoration services, our wood floor installation service covers London, Essex, East Anglia and Suffolk.

Floor sanding London moasic

Honesty and Integrity

Great service begins with trust. Trust is born of honesty and integrity. We are committed to these values and proud of our top-quality customer service. This commitment begins with transparent pricing. Our pricing is clear and no-quibble. In this way, we start our relationship with you as we mean to go on, with honesty, respect and clarity.

Simply Sanding floor sanding London doesn’t stoop to fancy gimmicks or high pressure tactics to try and entice you to use our services. We ‘simply’ say, give us a call for a no obligation quote. We happily supply references, and our many satisfied clients gladly testify to our high quality refurbishment services. From small hallways in Essex to large sports halls in Suffolk, no job is too big or too small.

Floor Sanding London Services

We work across London including East London, West London, Central London and South London. We pride ourselves on our wooden floor refurbishment services including floor sanding Essex, floor sanding Suffolk, commercial floor sanding Essex, commercial floor sanding Suffolk, commercial floor sanding London and more throughout the Southeast. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.