Top Flooring Trends 2015

top flooring trends 2015Well, here we are again – just starting out the year and ready to talk about the latest trends in the flooring industry. Some of the 2014 flooring trends we spoke about last year are still going strong. The popular colours, wide planks, and matte finishes have evolved this year into some intriguing new trends for 2015. Here’s our hand-picked, best top 5 flooring trends 2015.

Guide to the Top 5 Flooring Trends 2015

  1. Local Hardwoods – In both America and the United Kingdom, local hardwoods seem to be a strong trend. As opposed to this trend being about the “look” of the wood – it is more about supporting local business and agriculture, as well as being eco-friendly.
  2. Bamboo – Bamboo has been growing in popularity for a long time, but what we are seeing is a burst in new styles and colours. While Bamboo is actually a fast-growing grass, it is as hard or harder than most hardwoods when dried. Exciting new products like strand-woven bamboo are two times as hard as traditional bamboo flooring.
  3. Cork – Cork flooring is more comfortable to walk across than traditional hardwood. With many new factory finishes, cork is far more durable than it has been in the past. On the downside, cork flooring  is susceptible to moisture damage and fades when exposed to sunlight. On the upside, cork now comes in a spectrum of colours, fit for any palette.
  4. Wide Planks –  A trend that continues from 2014, wider planks give the room a larger feel, with 12 centimeter panels becoming fairly standard and up to 18 centimeter widths more and more prevalent. Wider planks work well in combination with a distressed or rustic look, also one of the latest flooring trends 2015.
  5. White and Gray – Also continuing from 2014, white wood flooring is still thriving in popularity. Not only is white and gray flooring trendy, there’s a functional reason to consider it. The “white”and “gray” pigments in the finish are actually applied in the base coat. After this base layer is applied to the wood flooring, there are still two more top coats of lacquer to go. The light coloured finish is protected deep underneath the top coats, making it especially durable.

Love the new flooring trends 2015? A popular combination is to combine wider planks with a white finish for an open and airy feeling. Whether you are looking for bamboo, wide planks, or reclaimed wood – we can help. We are the premier floor sanding and installation experts in London and the Southeast including Essex, Suffolk, Cambridge, East Anglia and more. Give us a ring for a free, no obligations quote anytime.
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