Flooring Trends for 2017: Floorboards

Flooring Trends for 2017 Floorboards2017 is the year of floorboards! Clients are increasingly seeking statement floorboards. For good reason! Floorboards in bold colours or with customised details make interior spaces feel special and unique. Indeed, imaginative finishes is one of our favourite flooring trends for 2017 floorboards. Simply Sanding floor sanding in Essex provides high quality floorboard refurbishment. With our skills and know-how, we can create statement floorboards in your home. Here’s our top picks for floorboard styles.

Top Flooring Trends for 2017 Floorboards

The possibilities for floorboards are endless! This durable flooring can be finished in a number of ways. On the one hand, as a traditional Victorian floor. On the other hand, as a modern, unique statement floor.

Mismatched Floorboards

This flooring trends for 2017 floorboards can be tricky, but its results can be stunning. When going for mismatching floorboards, the key is in the mismatch design. Whether you are selecting various plank lengths or mismatching the types of wood, the mismatched boards should complement each other. That is, similar tones or specific sizes should be repeated. When done well, mismatched wooden floorboards add character to a room without it overwhelming the space.

Diagonal Floorboards

Patterned flooring has a long pedigree. For example, the classic herringbone and parquet floors zigzag designs can add sophistication. On the downside, these patterns can make smaller rooms feel cramped. In contrast, diagonal make smaller rooms appear larger.

Painted Floorboards

Boldly painted flooring is a flooring trends for 2017 floorboards style we anticipate continuing into 2018. Nothing makes a statement like colour does! Whether bold or muted, choosing colour is a great way to coordinate decor schemes throughout your home. The right shade can be achieved by either painting the floorboards or staining them depending on the look you are going for. Grey floorboards continue as a top choice among clients. This style of flooring calms and lightens an interior space. When thinking floorboard colours, think outside the box!

Simply Sanding Statement Floorboards

Installation, refurbishment and sanding floorboards are some of our specialties here at Simply Sanding. We can’t wait to help you explore your options and help you decide which of the flooring trends for 2017 floorboards is right for you and your home.

During refurbishment is a great time to make changes to your existing hardwood flooring. Not only can we make any necessary repairs to your flooring, we can modify or replace elements that you’d like to change. We recommend starting with a no-obligation consultation and quote to get started.

Simply Sanding offers services in Essex, London, and the Southeast. So, contact us today to get started on creating a statement floor in your home that stands out!