Hand-Scraped Flooring Essex

hand-scraped flooring EssexWooden flooring is a timeless option for a floor cover that is both beautiful and durable. That’s why so many homeowners choose wooden floors over the alternatives. They are timeless and though they can be found in countless homes, the range in styles, colour and finish are varied enough to give everyone the look that suits their personal style. One of the latest trends to come in vogue recently is the hand-scraped look as opposed to the classic smooth, shiny finish most commonly associated with wooden floors. Even though this seems to be a recent trend, hand-scraped wood has it’s roots in the earliest form of the popular flooring.

Why Choose Hand-Scraped Flooring Essex

When wooden floors first became common place, the glass like piano finish that is so readily available today was nearly impossible to create. Planks needed to be hand-scraped and chiseled by craftsmen who whittled them down to a rough level surface. These early floors had many imperfections where the tools left visible scrapes. Modern sanding techniques and protective coatings were years down the road, so these floors continued to be smoothed and polished just by use over time, adding individual character and flavour to every room and home. This worn look, with years of stories to tell, is what has recently become desirable and what modern hand-scraped flooring is emulating. Today, with modern stains and finishes, these floors can achieve nearly any look someone might want and maintain their appearance for years to come. For the modern homeowner, one of the great benefits of hand-scraped wood flooring is the fact that like their early predecessors, these floors gain character over time. An extra ding in a plank is far less of an issue than in their smooth and glossy counterparts. What an ideal solution for high traffic areas such as living rooms, kitchens as well as commercial applications.

Installation of Hand-Scraped Flooring Essex

If you are looking to add the benefits and charm of hand-scraped flooring Essex, Simply Sanding are experts in everything having to do with wooden floors. We are happy to work in the Essex area, London and beyond. If you have any questions or would like a complimentary quote, feel free to give us a ring.