Hardwood Floor Trims Essex

From elegant floors with a piano smooth finish to a rustic hand scraped look, wooden floors are often the centerpiece that determines the rest of a home’s decor. No other floor covering has the potential longevity of wood since it can be refinished many times throughout it’s life. It can also be re-stained to offer a different look, allowing it to flow with ever changing trends. One of the most overlooked and underappreciated aspects of having that beautiful finished appearance is the moulding and trim that quite literally brings everything together. The fact that trim and moulding often go unnoticed isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s primary purpose is to accent the flooring and allow the wooden floor to shine on it’s own. With this in mind, choosing the right hardwood floor trims Essex is as important as choosing the right flooring.

Choosing Hardwood Floor Trims Essex

There are many types of trim that are used throughout a home when a wooden floor is installed, each with their own specific purpose. Some are made to transition from one flooring type to another such as wood to carpet. Others are made to join two floors of varying elevations or two rooms where the floors were installed at different times. Moulding is used where the wall and floor meet and are meant to hide the gap between the two. By the way, that gap is necessary to allow for the natural expansion and contraction that wooden floors experience through the seasons. For trim that is joining sections of the floor or two different flooring types it’s best to use the same type of wood as the flooring itself. Usually, wood flooring manufacturers offer a selection of trims that are made from the same wood and stained to match the flooring planks. This helps create the seamless look and smooth flow that is desired in a wooden floor. With moulding that joins the floor and walls it’s not necessary to match the colour but it’s a good idea to keep the overall style in mind. Wide hand-scraped planks might not go well with tall ornate baseboards and the reverse is true if you have a glass like finished floor and rough hewn wall trim.

Floor Sanding and Hardwood Floor Trims Essex

If you are unsure of what type of trim would look best in your home Simply Sanding floor sanding Essex can help. We are experts in all things wooden floors can get the job done right from start to finish. We work in Great Dunmow, Essex, Suffolk, East Anglia and London. As always, contact us for a free, no obligation quotation on new wooden floors, floor sanding, or repairs.