Parquet Flooring Suffolk: Herringbone and Mosaic

Parquet flooring uses geometric patterns of wooden blocks to create sophisticated and hard-wearing floors. Recently, herringbone parquet flooring, reclaimed parquet flooring and mosaic parquet have re-gained popularity. Homeowners increasingly understand how refurbishing these original floors can increase property values. There are a number of parquet flooring styles and herringbone and mosaic flooring features in Suffolk homes.

Herringbone and mosaic flooring Suffolk

History of Herringbone and Mosaic Flooring Suffolk

Prior to the mid-19th century finished hardwood floors were reserved for the wealthiest homes. In such cases, hardwood parquet was used in select public rooms. However, as the Industrial Revolution progressed new manufacturing processes reduced the cost of creating and installing hardwood floors. Therefore, its use expanded into more humble homes, and parquetry is often found in Edwardian and 1930s homes. In Suffolk, herringbone and mosaic are regular features of homes from this period. Indeed, double- and triple- herringbone can also be found in many British homes. Likewise, the chevron pattern, which can be confused with herringbone. While chevron and herringbone both use a zig-zag pattern, in chevron the joins meet at an angle rather than with rectangular edges. Also, five finger mosaic parquet flooring, which is created by laying out ‘finger block parquet tiles’ five at a time. Popularised in the early-1900s, many homes in the Southeast feature this flooring type.

Herringbone and Mosaic Flooring Suffolk Today

The renaissance in parquet flooring is unsurprising as these floors offer a number of advantages. First, they are a highly sustainable option. For example, many parquet styles are crafted from solid blocks of hardwood. Therefore, these sorts of floors may be refurbished many more times than engineered or top-nailed hardwood flooring. Second, they are hard-wearing. Wooden floors tend to offer excellent longevity, which is one reason they are a wise choice for rental property flooring and busy families. Finally, parquet is simply lovely. The gorgeous patterning provides a unique feature to your home, without sacrificing durability.

Refurbish Herringbone and Mosaic Flooring Suffolk

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