Herringbone Floors

Trending: Herringbone FloorsHerringbone floors add a distinctive look to your home, while offering excellent durability. Parquet flooring styles such as herringbone are a feature of many British 1930s homes. However, parquet flooring, especially the herringbone pattern, has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Herringbone parquet flooring adds a unique look to contemporary homes or accentuates the period features of older homes.

Trending: Herringbone Floors

Herringbone floors are trending. While herringbone parquet regularly features in early-twentieth century homes, it is equally attractive in contemporary interiors. Herringbone’s popularity is easy to understand. On the one hand, the pattern creates an inviting interior space. On the other hand, the elegance of the pattern disguises the flooring’s toughness. For example, crafted from sold blocks of hardwood, herringbone floors may be refurbished many more times than engineered or top-nailed hardwood flooring. Moreover, they are hard-wearing and offer excellent longevity. This can make them a great choice for rental properties and busy families

Herringbone Floors Have Character

Herringbone floors have bags of character

Installation and Refurbishment of Herringbone Floors

The look and advantages of herringbone floors make installation and refurbishment great options for homeowners. While floors in period homes can look extremely rough before refurbishment, a little love can go a long way. For instance, take this herringbone parquet from Hadleigh, Essex.

Herringbone refurbishment, Hadleigh Essex, before

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While this may appear to be a lost cause, it is entirely recoverable. Getting to work with a dustless sander quickly reveals a stunning floor beneath.

Herringbone floors, Hadleigh Essex, during

Herringbone hardwoods respond well to sanding

Finally, after coarse- and fine-grit sanding as well as treatment with tough low-VOC floor sealants, the true character of the floor is revealed. It is simply stunning what herringbone floor sanding Essex can achieve.

Herringbone Floors, Hadleigh Essex, after

Simply gorgeous!

Herringbone Floors Essex

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