How to Protect a Wooden Floor from Rolling Office Chairs

More and more people are working from home, and home offices are an important part of many people’s domestic spaces. However, office chairs typically include wheels and these can damage wooden floors. Whether your home office includes softwood or hardwood floors, there a number of ways to protect a wooden floor from rolling chairs.

How to Protect a Wooden Floor from Rolling Chairs

Don’t let office chairs damage your lovingly restored floors!

5 Ways to Protect a Wooden Floor from Rolling Chairs

There are a number of ways to protect floors from office chairs. People working from home often suggest a few main ways to protect floors from a chair’s casters: area rugs; chair mats; and rubber castors. Simply Sanding wants your floors to be gorgeous! Here’s our list of 5 ways to protect your floors from rolling office chairs.

1) Maintenance

Firstly, as with protecting floors from children and from toys, proper maintenance is key. Small gritty particles rubbed into your floors are a top source of damage to wooden floors. However, precautions such as door mats, area rugs, designated play areas and ‘no-shoes’ rules go a long towards preventing scratches. Likewise, keeping office floors clear of any debris, including cleaning chair wheels, can help protect your floors from rolling chairs.

2) Area Rugs

Secondly, area rugs can protect a wooden floor from rolling chairs. Placing an area rug under your chair can make your office cosier and quieter while giving you the freedom to move around. However, some rugs may offer a poor rolling surface and woven rugs are a good choice for this use.

3) Chair Mats

Rugs not for you, then chair mats are a great alternative. Office floor mats offer a hard smooth surface for your chair to glide over. This keeps your workstation functioning seamlessly, while protecting floors from your chair’s wheels. While chair mats can be a good practical choice, be sure to keep the area beneath the chair mat clean. Dirt that sneaks under a hard, plastic mat could be ground into your floor.

4) Cardboard

Next – for those on a budget, looking for an opportunity to reuse packaging or in need of a quick fix – try cardboard. A large piece of cardboard under your chair acts in the same way as an area rug or chair mat. By providing a soft barrier between your chair’s wheels and the floors, you are free to move about your workstation while keeping your floor’s finish intact. While cardboard can provide some protection, it is not as reliable as area rugs and chair mats. Be sure to regularly check beneath your cardboard mat to ensure it is doing its job.

5) Update Castors

Finally, update your chair’s wheels to protect your wooden floor. Most office chairs ship with hard nylon wheels. Nylon wheels are appropriate for carpeted offices. When you’re working in a room with wooden floors, rubber or urethane wheels are a better option.


Rolling chairs can be rough on your wooden floors. However, there are a number of things you can do to prevent damage. But what if your floors are already in bad shape? We can help with that too. Simply Sanding floor sanding Essex offers top-quality floor refurbishment in London and the Southeast. We can help turn your carpeted or shabby office floors into a clean, calm haven. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.