How to Protect Floors from Dining Room Chairs

Protect Floors from Dining Room ChairsYour wooden floors are gorgeous. Moreover, hardwood floors add value to your home. Likewise, floors scuffed and damaged by everyday use detract from your home’s beauty and value. The dining room poses particular problems. So, how to protect floors from dining room chairs?

Tips to Protect Floors from Dining Room Chairs

Regular sliding of dining rooms chairs wears the finish off your floors. Once the sealant is scraped off, worse damage can occur. Then you may require more expensive fixes. However, following some easy and low-cost steps can protect your floors from dining room chairs.

Firstly, proper maintenance is key. When considering how to protect your floors from chairs, or children, or pets, or toys, it all starts with good maintenance. That is, the cleaner your floor is, the less dirt and grit might be ground into the finish, thereby eroding the sealant. We recommend Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner. Bona Cleaner received top marks in a Good Housekeeping review. Assuming your floor is cleaned regularly, what else can you do to protect floors from dining room chairs?

1. Furniture Pads

Furniture pads and glides provide great protection at a low cost. Self-adhesive or nail-in felt pads allow chairs to slide smoothly. While self-adhesive pads install very quickly, nail-in pads provide longer-lasting protection. Self-adhesive pads may shift from where they were installed, whereas nail-in pads stay put.

2. Area Rugs

Area rugs offer good peace of mind for protecting dining room floors. When choosing an area rug from your dining room, look for a size that extends 20cm or more behind the back of chairs. This allows ample room for chairs to be pulled out. While area rugs provide texture, colour and cosiness, they can require a lot of cleaning when used in dining rooms. Picking rugs with tighter weaves reduces the rug’s chances of trapping crumbs.

3. Chair socks

Chair socks offer a fun and quirky way to protect floors from dining room chairs. Crocheted or knitted, chair socks come in a variety of colours and designs from basic black booties to animal-inspired creations.

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