How to Protect Wooden Floors When Putting Up a Live Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree
Enjoy a tree while preserving your floor’s beauty

As we’ve entered the festive season and the time approaches to install a tree in preparation for the Big Day, owners of wooden floors may wonder how to protect their floors from hazards associated with live Christmas trees. It is certainly worth taking a little time ro consider how to protect your floors from the potential damage that live trees can cause.

How to Protect Your Wooden Floors

Here are a few precautions to take to ensure the that one of the season’s great festive delights, a beautifully decorated live Christmas tree, doesn’t leave an unwanted impression of water damage and scratching on your wooden floors.

  1. Before bringing your tree into the house, give it a gentle shake to dislodge any loose needles to avoid trailing them across the floor. If you want to be really careful, wrap the tree in a sheet of plastic or similar covering while transporting it through your house.
  2. To maximise the life of your tree it will need to be watered on a regular basis, so ensure there is a base plate or similar beneath the tree stand to catch any excess water. By sitting the base plate on a folded sheet or old carpet cutting you can significantly lessen the chance of scratching your wooden floors.
  3. Once the tree is installed in its stand or pot and the decorations are up, give the floor around the tree a good sweep and pick up any needles that have become dislodged. This stops these needles from being stepped on and ground into the floor, which can leave unsightly scratches and marks.
  4. Enjoy the fruits of your labour and have a very happy Christmas!

Removing your Christmas Tree

As when installing your tree, there are a few points to bear in mind when it is time to take the tree down.

  1. Now that your tree is older, it will be dropping a lot of needles, so once the decorations have been removed, wrap the tree in an old sheet or sheet of plastic to catch the falling needles. Rather than removing the tree from its stand or pot, slide the stand and pot (using the soft protector under the base plate to pull) to the door and then carry out. If you do have to remove the tree from its stand also wrap something around the base so it doesn’t trail water across your wooden floors.
  2. Once you have removed the tree give the floors a good sweep and wipe down to pick up any water and needles from the floor.

We hope that by following these guidelines you can enjoy a live Christmas tree while avoiding harming your wooden floors with watermarks and scratches. Have a very happy Christmas and merry New Year and don’t forget to subscribe to our free feed to read more tips and tricks for keeping your floors in great condition!

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