How to Refurbish Parquet Flooring

How to Refurbish Parquet Flooring: Herringbone Pattern

A Refurbished Herringbone Parquet Floor

Parquet floors, long a feature of period homes, are increasingly popular. On the one hand, some homeowners aim to install parquet flooring. On the other hand, some homeowners want to know how to refurbish parquet flooring.

Before You Learn How to Refurbish Parquet Flooring, Remember Proper Maintenance

Parquet flooring, can offer years of great performance. As with hardwood floors more generally, parquet floors are beautiful and hard-wearing when properly maintained and protected. This means, using entry mats to reduce grit tracked into the home. Likewise, hallway runners and other area rugs can help protect high-traffic areas. There may be special considerations when protecting floors from children and their toys, pets, plants, dining chairs and rolling office chairs. The common theme among these considerations is keeping hardwood floors free of dirt and grim. Over time, small particles can be crushed into the floors, gradually eroding the sealant. A thorough and regular cleaning routine can reduce the effect of grit on your floors and reduce the need for refurbishment.

How to Refurbish Parquet Flooring

That said, sometimes circumstances present you with a beautiful but very unloved floor. In such a case, you need to know how to refurbish parquet flooring. Before diving into a full refurbishment, consider that your floor may simply need a really good clean. However, if your parquet need more that a good scrub, then follow 3 steps o repair and refurbish your floor.

1. Replace Tiles

Firstly, identify broken and damaged tiles. These tiles need to be removed. Machines can be used to remove tiles, or a hammer and chisel. Once the floor is clear of damaged tiles, replace them with new pieces. The size and shape of the blocks will depend on the pattern of your flooring, for example herringbone parquet flooring or five-finger mosaic parquet. Finally, complete the repair by fitting blocks into place with an adhesive.

2. Sand

Secondly, sand the repaired floor. Consider hiring a dustless sander, which can dramatically reduce indoor air pollution as well as time spent on clean-up.

3. Stain and Seal

Lastly, once sanded to a fine grit, the floor is ready for sealing. It is at this point that stain should be applied, if desired. Test patches can be put on the floor in order to make a confident choice on colour. Once a final colour is picked, the patches can be sanded off before finishing. Finally, it is wise to choose a high-quality low VOC floor sealant to reduce off-gassing of harmful chemicals in your home.

Example Refurbishment from Hertfordshire

While the steps of how to refurbish parquet flooring appear straightforward, sometimes floor sanding requires a little creative problem solving. For instance, a client’s floor in Ayot St. Peter near Stevenage in Hertfordshire included half a room of maple parquet and half a room of oak.

How to Refurbish Parquet Flooring: Condition of Floor

Starting Condition of the Floor

Sourcing reclaimed wood of matching sizes proved impractical. Therefore, we purchased new blocks. We removed damaged blocks and replaced with new pieces. Then we used our dustless sanding process to get a smooth finish. This required mulitple passes with the Lagler Trio sander working through coarse grits (36, 40 and 60) to finer 100 grit sand paper.

How to Refurbish Parquet Flooring: Floor Laid

Floors Must Be Finely Sanded Prior to Staining and Sealing

Having repaired a difficult floor and sanded it to a fine finish we encountered the greatest obstacle of the job. The varying wood types meant they wouldn’t stain uniformly. Therefore, we contacted a local French Polisher with 30 years experience. The Polished tinted a base coat with stain to achieve an exact match with the colour of the flooring. Finally, we lacquered the floor with 3 coats of Bona Mega Satin. Job done much to the mutual satisfaction of Simply Sanding and our client!

How to Refurbish Parquet Flooring: Finished Floor

The Result!

Refurbish Your Parquet Floors

Have fantastic parquet floors waiting to show their potential? Overwhelmed at the idea of restoring them now that you know how to refurbish parquet flooring? We can help. As floor sanding Essex experts, our skills and expertise are up to the challenge. We can transform really rough-looking parquet, into something truly special. We’d love to try. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.