Insulate Wooden Floors with Underfloor Insulation Using Thermafleece

As the autumn approaches, leisure time spent outdoors becomes less frequent, and people begin to seek the warmth and comfort of their homes. While the idea of coming into a cosy house on a cold and blustery day sounds inviting, the cost of keeping the home toasty warm can cause any owner to exercise restraint on the thermostat in favour of a sweater; particularly in draughty older homes that lack adequate insulation. Draught proofing your wooden flooring is certainly helpful, but If you’re planning any flooring updates such as wooden floor sanding or installation, another solution is to replace or add a “sweater” to your home with new insulation under the floor, where many cold-air leaks tend to originate.


Thermafleece Underfloor Insulation

A popular choice in floor insulation is wool insulation from Thermafleece. This is a fabulous product, perfect for insulating under wooden floors with a number of advantages:

  • Thermafleece manufactures four types of natural fibre insulation and offers free samples for you to decide which is best for your home. Thermafleece Original, CosyWool, UltraWool, and NatraHemp each have their own features and benefits that you can see first hand.
  • All Thermafleece products have reasonable up-front costs and because it saves money by helping maintain heat in the home, it pays for itself within just a few years.
  • Using natural fibres to insulate your home also helps to maintain stable humidity levels, something that is important for increasing the longevity of wooden floors as well as helping to improve the health of the home’s occupants.
  • Thermafleece chooses to use natural resources in an effort to provide an environmental option to conventional man made insulation. This is why Thermafleece is sustainably manufactured in the UK with British wool.
  • The natural fibres in Thermafleece are non-toxic, do not require the use of personal protective equipment to handle, and can be recycled at the end of its long life.
  • Each of the Thermafleece products have the added bonus of noise reduction qualities.

Wooden Floor Refinishing and Installation in Essex

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