Low VOC Floor Sealants

Low VOC floor sealants At Simply Sanding, we want our customers to love their wooden floors! Whether we’re installing new hardwood or refurbishing existing floors, we want to ensure that we’ve done everything we can to reduce our clients’ exposure to the harmful toxins that can be a byproduct of improvements. Therefore, we are committed to using only high-quality low VOC floor sealants. We use the best sealants with all of our domestic and commercial installation or refurbishment projects.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are organic chemicals that, at room temperature, have a high vapour pressure. That means that these compounds evaporate quickly creating toxins that are harmful to humans and pets. VOCs are found in adhesives, sealants, carpets, paint, and other products commonly used during construction and remodeling.

Loba Sealants for Low VOC Floor Sealants

For this reason, Simply Sanding uses low VOC floor sealants from Loba Sealants. Loba manufactures a number of wood floor finishing products including parquet finish, oil, wax, and cleaning and aftercare supplies. All of the low VOC floor sealants and cleaning products from Loba are low-emission and meet or exceed consumer protection requirements. Not only do they look great, they are also safe to use and environmentally friendly. For us, using them is a no-brainer.

There is a way that you can help reduce the impact of VOCs in your home or office. Select products that have been manufactured and tested to ensure that only low levels of toxic compounds are emitted. It is also a good practice to make sure that areas in which sealants or other products are being used have plenty of ventilation. and are given some time to air out before inhabiting the space.

We are committed to using low VOC floor sealants in order protect the health of our clients’ homes and businesses. We pride ourselves on our wooden floor refurbishment services including floor sanding Essex, floor sanding Suffolk, floor sanding London, commercial floor sanding Essex, commercial floor sanding Suffolk, commercial floor sanding London and more throughout the Southeast. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.