Mosaic Parquet Flooring

Parquet floors are created from geometric patterns of wood. In the Southeast a number of parquet flooring patterns feature in our early-twentieth century period homes. For instance, herringbone parquet flooring as well as chevron parquet. Moreover, London and the Home Counties sees plenty of five-finger mosaic, often called simply, mosaic parquet flooring.

What is Mosaic Parquet Flooring?

Though parquetry can use a number of patterns, five-finger mosaic uses slim rectangular blocks arranged in squares of 5. You may have already guessed this is were the ‘five-finger’ comes in. That is, the five fingers of wood used to create each mosaic square. Blocks of five are then arranged perpendicular to one another. Most often found in Edwardian and 1930s homes, mosaic crated from hardwood ‘fingers’ provides a beautiful and hard-wearing surface for everyday life.

Five-Finger Mosaic Parquet Flooring

Mosaic Parquet Flooring

Advantages of Mosaic Parquet Floors

Mosaic parquet flooring offers many of the advantages of other parquet styles. On the one hand, they are a sustainable option. Built from solid blocks of hardwood, herringbone parquet floors may be refurbished many more times than engineered or top-nailed hardwood flooring. Indeed, if you are lucky enough to have these floors in your home already, refurbishing them can provide a very sustainable AND budget-friendly option when compared with installing new floors. On the other hand, they are hard-wearing. Wooden floors tend to offer excellent longevity, which is one reason they are a great choice as floors for rental properties and busy families. Moreover, five-finger mosaic is simply beautiful. The unique patterning provides an elegant feature to your home, without sacrificing durability.

Five-finger mosaic parquet floors


Mosaic Parquet Floor Sanding Essex

Simply Sanding does more than just floor sanding Essex. Sanding and refurbishing parquet often requires repairing and replacing very damaged pieces, or installing extended areas of parquet. Indeed, you can read all about how to refurbish parquet flooring and the parquet floor installation process at our blog.

Think your mosaic floors are beyond repair? Think again! Simply Sanding can tackle terrible-looking floors and get great results. Want to see what your floors can be? Contact us for a free, no obligation quote.