Oak Floor Installation Essex: Case Study

A Repeat Customer

Customers returning to Simply Sanding for additional jobs in their home makes us proud! So when our customer in Essex, for whom who we had previously sanded an oak floor, came back to us, we were excited to help them however possible. This time, the customer wished to have a solid oak floor laid over an existing tile floor in their kitchen. We put our brains to work and quickly set out to complete their new oak flooring.

How We Installed the Oak Flooring Over Tile

First, European Oak was sourced through our suppliers and machined down in width to 68mm (its usually 90mm) and delivered to the site two weeks before the installation. Wood floors need about two weeks time to acclimate to the temperatures and conditions of the house where it will be installed. A mistake often made by other installers is to let it sit in a basement or porch until the time of installation. Although this keeps it out of the way, it also exposes the wood to damper and usually cooler conditions which can later cause problems when installing the floor.

Before the installation of the wood, the existing tile floor was abraded (sanded) with a coarse mesh pad (60 grit) to make the adhesive take better to the floor. That was advice given by the glue supplier, Lecol. The Lecol MS250 glue we used is water based. This allows for movement and  suits a kitchen environment with a wide range in temperatures. The oak floor was laid in two days. This  included the stitching into the existing timber coming from the lounge/dining room in order to make it look organic in the transition. After the installation, we left the floor sit until the kitchen was fitted. Finally, after the fitting, the oak floor was sanded with a 40 Grit through to 100 grit sandpaper and then stained with Coloron ‘Burmese Teak’ and lacquered with Bona Novia Satin to blend in with the adjacent floors.

Every once in awhile, a pat on the back is necessary.  This was one of those times. The Simply Sanding team did a great job with this particular installation. Glance through the photos for a stunning view of our work on this oak floor in Essex.

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