Office Chair Mats

Office Chair MatsOffice chair mats provide several benefits. Firstly, chair mats can improve your chair’s movement. Therefore they can be part of an ergonomic workspace. Secondly, office floor mats protect wooden floors from rolling office chairs. Finally, chair mats can reduce transmission of static electricity from floors to computer equipment. Thus, office chair mats can protect your health, your floors and your computer hardware.

Choosing Office Chair Mats

There are a number of things to think about when choosing the your chair mat. Most importantly, what sort of flooring do you have. Some chair mats are designed for use with wooden floors, while others are geared towards carpeting. In either case, a chair mat can help your chair roll with less effort over your floor, without damaging the floor covering or sealant. Next, how important is transparency? In general, the clearer the floor mat, the more expensive. You can save on cost by choosing semi-transparent or opaque mats. Finally, what shape do you require? Office chair mats come in a variety of shapes from standard rectangle, to circular, to those that slip under the desk and chair. Whatever your budget and preference there is mat to suit.

Office Chair Mats for Standing Workstations Too?

Are chair mats right for standing and/or height adjustable desks too? Not quite. Office chair mats are specifically for protecting your flooring and keeping your chair gliding freely. Chair mats, per se, are not the best choice for standing desks. However, anti-fatigue mats are appropriate for use with standing desks. Anti-fatigue mats can protect the floor where you work. More importantly, they can protect you from an unyielding surface. With the rise of standing desks, there are a wide range of great anti-fatigue mats to match your needs.


A properly set-up workspace is important for your health and productivity. For those based at home or in the office, good ergonomics help ensure better health and greater comfort. Office chair mats contribute to a proper workspace. By providing a uniform surface, chair mats allow your chair glide well and with little effort. Moreover, chair mats prevent damage to floors.

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