Painted Floorboards

Painted floorboards Freshly sanded floorboards often brings to mind smooth planks with visible grain, finished with a stain and sealant. Thus, highlighting the wood’s natural beauty and characteristics. For some, the thought of covering the inherent beauty of wooden floors with paint is tragic! However, painted floorboards can produce stunning results. Indeed, we’d argue that painted floorboards can be just as beautiful as sanded and stained floorboards, while offering an added design touch. While painted floorboards are an exciting option with plenty of positives, there are drawbacks too.

Painted Floorboards – Pros

Painting wooden floorboards is a fantastic alternative for homeowners on a budget. Painting a floor doesn’t require aggressive sanding to remove stains and other non-structural damage. In addition to the financial benefits, painted floorboards can help solve design issues. Incorporating a bright colour can brighten darker spaces. For instance, white floorboards give rooms a fresh and open feel. Indeed, in smaller rooms painted with a deep colour, lighter floorboards reflect light and balance the overall effect. Similarly, some patterns can give smaller rooms a larger feel. For example, striped painted floors give the illusion of depth while adding a bit of personality. When choosing painted floorboards the aesthetic possibilities are virtually limitless. You can even be paint wood to look like other materials such as marble or granite! So, if painted floorboards are so versatile and chic, why aren’t they more commonplace?

Painted Floorboards – Cons

Though painted floors may offer many solutions to a myriad of design problems such as opening up smaller rooms or hiding a floor’s blemishes, there are some things to consider before running to the nearest paint shop. Painted floorboards can chip or flake. The key to avoiding this is threefold. One, proper preparation. Sanding floorboards prior to painting will ensure full and even coverage. Two, use a wooden floor paint. Using a specially formulated floor paint will ensure the best finish and wearing for your floor. Three, in some cases a sealant should be applied over the floor paint for added toughness.

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