Parquet Floor Installation Essex

Parquet flooring takes a number of forms. At base, parquet means floors created from a pattern of wooden shapes. In the Southeast, many of our early-twentieth century homes feature herringbone parquet flooring, five-finger mosaic and chevron parquet. Parquet floors are elegant and hard-wearing. Moreover, they are great candidates for refurbishment. However, what if you are looking to replace existing flooring or carpeting with on-trend parquet floors? Parquet floor installation in Essex requires patience and attention to detail. However, with enough determination, you too can add parquet floors to your home.

Parquet Floor Installation Essex: How To

Parquet floor installation Essex

Before You Install

Planning and preparation are key when it comes to any wooden flooring. Firstly, acclimate your wood to the installation site. Wood is a natural material and responds to the temperature and humidity of its environment, shrinking or expanding accordingly. Therefore, heating and cooling systems should be functional before installation. Additionally, the installation site should have a consistent room temperature of 18-22C and humidity of 40-60% for about 14 days prior to installing the parquet floor. Finally, store flooring materials at the installation site during this time to ensure that your wood will not warp.

Getting Started

When planning parquet floor installation Essex, you might check out our guide: How to Install Parquet Flooring. In addition to your wooden flooring, the tools you will need include:

  • Saw
  • Tape measure and pencil
  • Notched trowl
  • Rubber mallet
  • Floor roller
  • Sander

You can begin once your materials are acclimated to the installation site. The first step is preparing the subfloor. This is crucial for ensuring a clean level surface that allows good adhesion. Taking great care over subfloor preparation helps improve the final look of your flooring.

Laying Your Floor

Next, you’re ready to start actually laying your floor. Firstly, mark out the centre-line. This can be done by chalking or with a laser level. Now you can being to lay your tiles. Working from the centre of the room outwards, begin by laying your floor with no adhesive. When you’re satisfied with the pattern and the fit of the tiles, apply adhesive to the subfloor with the notched trowel.

Now, lay your first tile aligned with the center point. Continue applying adhesive for the next 8 or so pieces on either side of your first tile. To lay the next pieces, hold each parquet panel at a 45-degree angle, align the tongue-and-grooves between the new panel and the adjacent panel already laid on the subfloor. Tap each piece  into place using a rubber mallet. Continue this process across the entire floor until you reach the last row of parquet flooring. Measure the pieces and cut the last row to fit the floor. Lay them in the same manner as the previous pieces. Lastly, within a few hours of laying the entire parquet floor, use a 150 pound floor roller to set the floor. Roll across the entire floor to make sure the pieces are secure. Congratulations, your floor is laid!

Sand, stain and seal the floor to complete your parquet floor installation Essex. Hiring a dustless sander can greatly reduce clean-up at the end of the process. After sanding the floor to a fine grit, apply any desired stain. Finally, seal the floor with a high quality low-VOC sealant. Done!

Parquet Floor Installation Essex

Planning and executing the pattern in parquet flooring takes skill. Not sure you’re up for it? Simply Sanding floor sanding Essex offers parquet floor installation Essex. Experienced in refurbishing and installing a wide range of parquet floor styles, Simply Sanding can happily take responsibility for this difficulty and messy job. All you have to do is enjoy your new floors! Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.