Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is a decorative style of flooring that uses geometric patterns of wooden blocks. In recent flooring trends, herringbone parquet flooring and reclaimed parquet flooring perform strongly. However, there are a number of parquet flooring types. In the Southeast, homeowners might encounter herringbone (single, double or triple), as well as the chevron and five-finger mosaic patterns.

What is Parquet Flooring?

While parquet can take a variety of forms, with triangles, squares and so on, some parquet patterns are more common in the Southeast. Firstly, the herringbone pattern which uses rectangular blocks. Often found in Edwardian and 1930s homes, a single-herringbone pattern is a regular period feature. However, double- and triple- herringbone can also be found in British homes. Next, the chevron pattern, which may be confused with herringbone at first glance. While chevron and herringbone share a zig-zag style, with chevron the joins meet at an angle rather than with rectangular edges. Lastly, five finger mosaic. Five finger parquet flooring is created by laying out ‘finger block parquet tiles’ five at a time. Popularised in the early-1900s, many homes in the Southeast feature this flooring type.

Parquet Flooring Essex: Five Finger Mosaic
Five Finger Mosaic Flooring Can Make a Big Impression

History of Parquet Flooring

The history of mosaic flooring is long and rich.’Parquetry’ comes from the Old French ‘parchet’ meaning small enclosed space. The classic early example of parquet floors are the ‘Parquet de Versailles’ which were laid in the Palace of Versailles in 1684. Since the 17th century, parquet floors have been used across a wide range of housing, from grand estates to the parquet floors found across Essex and the Southeast.

Advantages of Parquet Floors

Parquet floors feature as a recent trend in flooring. This is unsurprising as these floors can offer many advantages. Firstly, they are a highly sustainable option. For instance, many styles are crafted from solid blocks of hardwood. Therefore, parquet such as herringbone may be refurbished many more times than engineered or top-nailed hardwood flooring. Secondly, they are hard-wearing. Wooden floors tend to offer great longevity, which is one reason they are a wise choice for rental property flooring and busy families. Lastly, parquet is simply stunning. The gorgeous patterning provides a unique feature to your home, without sacrificing durability.

Parquet Flooring Mosaic Block
Sanded Parquet Floors Will Make Your Heart Sing

Parquet Floor Sanding Essex

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