Flooring Trends: Parquet Floors

Flooring trends come and go. However, the trends that tend to resurface are the classics we can always rely on. With the recent surge of new interest in parquet flooring, we wanted to review the importance of parquet floors Essex.

Parquet Floors Essex

Parquet offers not only a little whimsy whilst retaining a classic feel. Its patterns also add texture and interest to any interior space. Parquet floors in Essex come in a number of styles. For instance, herringbone parquet flooring is a regular feature of early twentieth century homes in the Southeast. Likewise, five-finger mosaic block as well as chevron parquet feature heavily in homes built in the first half of the 20th-century.

Herringbone Flooring

One of the most common parquet floors in Essex is the herringbone style. Herringbone floors have a distinct geometric pattern. The herringbone pattern looks like a broken zigzag where the pieces appear to be woven. Indeed, the term ‘herringbone’ originates from its resemblance to the spine of a herring. In other words, wooden blocks in each course are placed side by side, and obliquely to the right and left in alternate courses.

Parquet floors Essex Herringbone Style

Herringbone Parquet

Five-Finger Mosaic Flooring

Five-finger parquet is created by laying out finger-sized parquet tiles five at a time. Popularised in the early-1900s, many homes in the Southeast feature this type of flooring. Set-out in squares, each block of five is perpendicular to adjoining sets of five. This results in a beautiful texture to the floor, which highlights the grain and natural beauty of the wooden tiles.

Parquet Floors Essex Five Finger Mosaic

Five Finger Mosaic

Chevron Flooring

Finally, the chevron pattern features in parquet floors Essex. Though herringbone and five-finger mosaic are more common, chevron parquet is an amazing original feature. ‘Chevron’ means V-shaped. Thus, in chevron parquet, V-shaped blocks of hardwood meet at an angle like an arrow, rather than in a basket-weave as in the case of herringbone.

Parquet floors Essex

Chevron Parquet

Installation and Refurbishment of Parquet Floors Essex

Though elegant and unique, parquet flooring is very hard-wearing. For example, herringbone parquet is crafted from solid blocks of hardwood. Therefore, this makes the floor very resilient to damage. Moreover, herringbone floors can be sanded and refurbished many more times than some other wooden floor types. So, parquet can make a great choice for buy-to-let properties and busy families. Similarly, remove and replace damaged five-finger mosaic tiles to refresh a floor without needing to re-lay an entire floor.

Simply sanding floor sanding Essex undertakes this detailed and skillful work. Using a dustless process, low-VOC sealants and years of know-how, we at Simply Sanding find working with parquet floors Essex incredibly satisfying. Nothing compares to the natural beauty and sophisticated look of parquet flooring, and we love bringing it back to its full glory. Need to rescue your parquet? Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.