Kingston Felt Pads Multipack of 56 Protective felt pads help to protect your floors from dents and scratches. Kingston Felt Pads are self-adhesive. These felt pads are designed to stick to the bottom of furniture and allow for smooth movement across your floors.

Kingston Felt Pads Multipack Features

  • Pads adhere to the wooden legs of chairs, tables and other furniture in order to reduce friction and noise
  • Felt glides easily across your floors to help prevent scratches and other damage
  • Can be used on all hard, smooth floors: wood, tile, linoleum, hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, terrazzo, vinyl and marble floor surfaces
  • Before installation, prepare surface by cleaning and lightly sanding to ensure better adhesion of the pads
  • Quick and easy peel-and-stick application
  • Kingston Felt Pads Multipack contains 56 round, self-adhesive, felt pads in 3 diameters: 19mm, 26mm, 38mm