Osmo Active-Fibre Replacement Mop Head


The Osmo Active-Fibre Replacement Mop Head is specially made for the Osmo Spray-Mop.
Made with microfibres to give you highly effective cleaning. Mop head to be used with the Osmo Spray-Mop. May be velcro-attached to the head of the Spray-Mop.
Easy to clean – just pop it in the washing machine on low heat.


The Osmo Active-Fibre Replacement Mop Head is designed for use with the Osmo Spray-Mop. The mop head is attached to the Spray-Mop with velcro. Made of microfibres, the mop head is very good at picking up dirt and removing grime. Also, it is easy to clean. Simply put it in the washing machine on a low heat.

The Osmo Spray-Mop

The Osmo Spray-Mop is a whole hardwood floor cleaning system. It comes in three parts. First, the mop. Second, the ‘Spray-Fix’. This is a refillable canister with 750ml of Osmo cleaning solution. It fits directly onto the mop. While cleaning, you simply spray the solution directly onto the floor at the press of a button. Finally, the Active-Fibre Mop Head. This microfibre mop head results in very effective cleaning. Attached to the Osmo mop with Velcro, it is easily removed for cleaning. Just wash the mop head in your machine on a cool or cold wash. Of course, you can also order extra or replacement Active-Fibre Mop Heads anytime!

Using the Osmo Spray-Mop

The Osmo mop is great for oiled and waxed wooden flooring. This is because the Osmo cleaning solution uses soaps based on natural oils. Therefore, wood doesn’t dry out during cleaning. Moreover, when used regularly the Osmo mop gives a low-maintenance, non-slip surface. In addition, water-soluble ingredients prevent streaking. Lastly, when used with Osmo cleaning solutions, the Osmo Spray-Mop is mild on your skin. Likewise, as Osmo Wash & Care is free of dyes and aromas, biodegradable, free of solvents and emissions, it supports cleaner indoor air.

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Surface Preparation and Application

Before using the Osmo Spray-Mop with Active-Fibre Mop Head, remove loose dirt. To do so, start with the Osmo Dust-Mop, a hoover or broom. Next, use your Osmo Mop. Begin by pressing the button on the handle of the Osmo Spray-Mop to spray Wash & Care right onto the floor. Carefully apply just enough to dampen the floor. That is, avoid making the floor wet. When done this way on a regular basis, your floor’s surface becomes resistant to dirt and signs of wear.

Osmo Active-Fibre Replacement Mop Head Features

  • Ideal for all wooden, varnished, stone, vinyl and tiled floors
  • Highly effective cleaning of dirt and grime
  • Easy to use
  • Reusable – just clean on a cool machine wash