How to Protect Hardwood Floors from Children

Your kids are fun, creative, inspirational and you heart’s greatest joy. However, they can be really tough on your wooden flooring. Yet, you can have a fun and beautiful home by taking some steps to protect and maintain your floors. Read our tips on how to protect hardwood floors from children to find out more.

Protect Hardwood Floors from Children

Tips to Protect Hardwood Floors from Children

Following these steps can protect wooden floors from your kids’ wear and tear.

1) Set Some Ground Rules

Moving to a ‘no shoes’ policy does wonders for your floors’ longevity. Sounds like a kill-joy or a battle you don’t need with your children? Understood. Try encouraging no shoes in the house with a bin stationed at the door, and silly slippers stored nearby for use indoors. For younger children, setting up a dedicated play area with play mats or an area rug can stop toys from damaging floors. Setting some rules laced with fun can go a long way towards protecting your hardwood floors from children.

2) Strategic Use of Floor Coverings

Rugs, door mats, play mats, carpet tiles and other floor coverings are essential tools in protecting wooden floors from the wear and tear kids bring. Placing door mats at entrances (along with shoe storage) as well as rugs in higher traffic zones such as hallways, greatly reduces damage to your floors’ finish. On the one hand, door mats encourage the wiping of feet. Cleaner soles mean less grit rubbed into your floors’ surface (better yet, leave those wiped shoes at the door). On the other hand, runners in hallways protect heavily used surfaces from the daily wear and tear of family life.

3) Follow a Good Maintenance Schedule

The top way to protect hardwood floors from children is keeping floors clean and fully sealed. Cleaning up spills straightaway greatly reduces moisture damage. Likewise, sweeping and mopping with a proper floor solution removes particles from floors, rather than leaving them to be ground into the finish. Moreover, ensuring your floor’s sealant is well-applied across your floors keeps the wood beneath from being damaged.

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