Protect Wood Floors from Plants

Protect Wood Floors from PlantsHardwood floors can be a lovely addition to your home, adding ambiance, and at the same time increasing the value of your house. However, if you don’t take the precautionary steps to maintain hardwood floors then you can have some serious problems and expensive labor costs. If you want to protect your timely investment and ensure that your floor will continue to amaze people generation after generation, then you must take the necessary precautions.

First of all, take off those six-inch heels and cleats! Wood is impressionable and sensitive to scratching. So after a night out in Essex be sure to leave the stilettos at the door. Second, please don’t move furniture around frivolously. If you really need to move your new leather sectional, use a plastic sheet, or put some cardboard underneath it. Rubber casters are also great for protecting your floor from scratches and dents; the bigger the better. Finally, hardwoods are very phobic of water which leads us to today’s topic: How to protect wood floors from plants.

Plants and wood floors can live in peace

One thing that inevitably harbors water is house plants. Varying in size from little orchids too large crawling vines, plants can be very hazardous to your wood flooring investment. Here are some ideas to protect wood floors from plants.

  • Promptly dry up any water that spills on your floor when you are watering your plants and watch out for spillage from overflowing saucers.
  • Place your plants on a rug or tray and not directly on the floor. This will protect your floor from moisture damage.
  • Soil can also damage your floor so be sure to sweep up any dirt that is left behind.
  • Watch out for bugs, especially scale bugs which are tiny little insects native to Essex. They can secrete a sticky substance called honeydew that can wreak havoc to your finished floor (honeydew can only be removed by sanding).

Allergies be-gone!

Did you know that wood floors are great for allergy sufferers too? Carpets are like sponges for dust mites, germs, bacteria, and all the other microscopic living creatures that can be enemies to our peace of mind. Having hardwood floors keeps those pesky beasts away – the smooth surface doesn’t leave cracks and holes that can harbor mold or bacteria. In addition, house plants help to keep the air fresh too. As long as you protect wood floors from plants you’ll be golden!

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