Reclaimed Parquet Flooring Essex

Installing reclaimed parquet flooring in Essex can add character and value to your home. On the one hand, hardwood flooring, such as parquet offers, a number of advantages. On the other hand, updating to hardwood floors is one of the top ways to add value to your home. Read on to learn more about using reclaimed parquet and the results you can expect.

Reclaimed parquet floors Essex

Pros and Cons of Reclaimed Parquet Flooring

The pros and cons of reclaimed parquet flooring, mirror the pros and cons of hardwood flooring more generally. On the upside, parquet floors offer elegance, easy maintenance and durability. On the downside, wooden floors can be costly. This is especially true for installations versus refurbishments. Moreover, while proper refurbishment can provide a long-lasting finish, wooden floors require occasional refinishing. Finally, wooden floors can be a nosier option, something to consider if using these floors in a flat rather than a single-family home.

Why Use Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is previously used material that was discarded or not needed anymore. There are a number of reasons to choose reclaimed parquet for your floor. Firstly, matching your existing floors. Often the patina and natural wear of reclaimed materials merges better with existing floors during refurbishment. Secondly, finding unique wood for your floors. Salvaged hardwood can come from many places, from period homes to barns. Moreover, you can find rare or no longer available woods. This is an opportunity to do something really special and fully customised for your home. Finally, environmental and sustainability benefits. By reclaiming hardwood flooring materials you are able to:

  • reuse old growth woods that can be valuable and rare
  • reduce deforestation and harm to environments from logging
  • lower solid waste
  • support economical alternatives to new wood materials

Reclaimed Parquet Flooring Project in Essex

As parquet flooring, including herringbone parquet, five-finger mosaic and chevron parquet, are features of our region’s housing, we regularly work with this type of flooring. A job in Chelmsford, Essex offered an exciting opportunity to work with reclaimed parquet.

Reclaimed parquet flooring Essex before


Our client purchased a beautiful period property. Their goal was to fully refurbish the property, including reinstating its parquet floors. Therefore, upon moving in, they pulled up the original parquet flooring and stored it appropriately. Note, proper storage is key to parquet floor installation. Wood is a natural material and responds to the temperature and humidity of its environment. Thus, to avoid warping, store parquet in a climate controlled environment.

In order to begin re-laying the floor, our client required an additional 15 square meters of reclaimed parquet flooring. We sourced the parquet, no problem. Moreover, our team laid the intricate parquet over 10 days. Next, we used our dustless sanding process to prepare the floor for sealing. Finally, as per the client’s wishes, we sealed the floor with Junckers HP Commercial Matte finish. Matte finishes work really well with reclaimed parquet flooring by reducing shine and achieving a natural understated beauty.

Reclaimed parquet flooring Chelmsford, Essex


Get Reclaimed Parquet Flooring Essex

Reinstating the beautiful parquet floors of Essex is a goal shared by many homeowners. These fabulous floors distinguish our area’s early-twentieth century housing. Why not bring out their character! Want to know more? Check out our articles on:

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