Reclaimed Pine Slivers Prices Essex

Reclaimed Pine Slivers Prices Essex2017’s floorboard trend looks set to continue well into 2018. Floorboards are a great choice for many British homes. On the one hand, much of the period housing stock still includes original floorboards. On the other hand, floorboards hard-wearing character makes them a clean and pragmatic choice in many home. Likewise, allergy sufferers benefit from the improved indoor air quality of wooden floorboards. Finally, when seeking to add value to your home, refurbished floorboards are a winner.

On balance, floorboards have a lot to recommend them. However, they can be draughty. While there are a number of DIY solutions to stop floorboard draughts, our preferred method uses reclaimed pine slivers to stop floorboard draughts. Admittedly, reclaimed slivers represent a more costly option. However, when investing in your floor’s refurbishment the relatively small added expense results in a much more seamless and durable finish. With no draughts!

Invest in the Beauty of Your Floors

Our pricing for reclaimed pine slivers is simple. £10 per square metre. This service is easily added to our floor sanding Essex range of services. By investing in pine slivers at the time of floorboard refurbishment, you ensure a clean, seamless and draught-free result. DIY solutions can certainly help insulate your home, however reclaimed pine slivers are the proper way to stop floorboard draughts. See how it is done!

Reclaimed Pine Slivers Prices Essex

Simply Sanding offers floor sanding and installation throughout Essex, London and the Southeast. Our lengthy experience includes working with pine slivers for a fully professional result. Get in touch to schedule your free, no-obligation quote.