Sanding Floorboards Essex, Suffolk, London

Sanding floorboards Essex, Suffolk, London is a cornerstone of our business. Many homes and businesses in the Southeast include Victorian floorboards. This durable type of flooring can create an attractive and hard-wearing indoor space. The key is proper maintenance. Firstly, sanding, staining and sealing your floorboards prepares them for years of use. Next, keeping your floors clean and free of grit increases their lifespan. Lastly, entry rugs and area rugs for high-traffic areas reduce wear and tear. Are your floorboards in need of sanding? Contact us to arrange a free quote.

Sanding Floorboards Essex, Suffolk, London

Sanding Floorboards Essex, Suffolk, London: Sand, Stain Seal

We undertake sanding floorboards Essex, Suffolk, London, no matter their age and wear. Using a step-by-step process we carefully prepare, repair, sand, stain and seal your floorboards. Firstly, we look over your floorboards and perform any needed repairs. Damaged floorboards are replaced with new or reclaimed wood. Next, with 95% dust-free sanders we set to work on your floorboards. Using a number of grits, going from coarser to finer, we sand your floorboards repeatedly to get the best finish. Then, we stain and seal your floorboards. Test patches for stain colours are created for your review. Finally, the stained floorboards are coated with a durable sealant for years of beauty.

Our range of wooden floor stains contains shades from the lighter English Oak through to the darker American Walnut and Jacobean Dark Oak. We collaborate with you to choose the perfect stain for your space. First, we create patch tests. Next, your chosen stain is applied to the floorboards. Lastly, we apply many coats of protective sealant to your floorboards.

Sanding Floorboards Essex, Suffolk, London: Floorboard Styles

The word ‘floorboards’ can conjure images of traditional Victorian oak boards. Indeed this is an enduring floorboard style. A simple sand, stain and finish of the Victorian floorboards typically found in Essex, Suffolk, London and the Southeast produces excellent results. While you can’t go wrong with a straightforward refurbishment there are a number of alternative floorboard trends worth considering. Firstly, painted floorboards. When sanded to a smooth finish, painted floorboards create a calm interior space. Grey floorboards remain a top trend in floorboard styles and look undeniably chic. Secondly, diagonal floorboards. Flooboards laid diagonally create the illusion of a larger space and can be a great choice for smaller rooms. Thirdly, mismatched floorboards. Create a rustic shabby chic look with mismatched reclaimed pieces. Or put together a sophisticated combination of highly polished hardwoods for a stunning mismatched floor. When it comes to floorboards, there’s a lot more to it than first meets the eye!

Sanding floorboards London

Sanding Floorboards Low VOC and Dustless

Simply Sanding respects your space. We want to improve your indoor air quality through sanding or installation of wooden floors. Our methods reflect our desire to create cleaner, healthier homes. Through a combination of dustless machines and low VOC products we minimise indoor pollution from to our work.

Simply Sanding floor sanding Essex aims for minimal disruption to your home or business. For starters, our machines are dustless. Also, we tidy-up after ourselves at the end of each day. Lastly, when finished sanding, staining and sealing your floorboards we hope you’ll agree that the work improved the look and feel of your home or business.

We use highest quality low VOC floor sealants and stains. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are present in adhesives, sealants, carpets, paint, and other materials used in building and renovations. For this reason, Simply Sanding opts for Loba Sealant’s low VOC products. Loba’s sealants and cleaners are low-emission and meet or exceed consumer protection standards. Not only do they look and perform great, they are also safer to use and more environmentally friendly.

Sanding Floorboards Essex

Sanding Floorboards in Essex, Suffolk and London: Floorboard Installation

In addition to floorboard sanding, we install floorboards. Using new or reclaimed floorboards, we can transform the look of your space. Floorboards have a timeless appeal. They wear well and when cared for properly, age beautifully over time. Our floorboards are fitted as unfinished, and can be finished using our sanding, sealing and staining services. All installations are fully-inclusive with supply and fit of latex or concrete screed as well as all mouldings, scotia, quadrant, skirting boards, ramps and t-boards to match your wooden floors. As with our floor sanding services, our floorboard installation service covers London, Essex, East Anglia and Suffolk. Contact us for a free quote. We look forward to working with you!