DIY Floor Sanding 1: Preparation

When it comes to sanding floorboards, preparation is everything. Here, in part one of our DIY Guide to Floor Sanding, we describe how to prepare a wooden floor for sanding.

Sanding floorboards
Some floors need more preparation than others!

Materials and Room Readiness

Properly preparing your room, can help ensure the best outcome for your floors. Firstly, gather your materials. You will need:

  • a hammer
  • nail punch
  • scraper
  • gloves and eye protection

Optionally, you may also like to wear knee pads and a dust mask. Next, clear the room. Move all furniture out, and take down any curtains or drapes. Then, tape shut any cupboards and doors to seal them against dust. Finally, if you have carpet you will need to rip it up as well as the underlay and gripper strips. If you have vinyl or linoleum, once you have removed the covering, any glue or adhesive on the boards will then need to be scraped off. Now you’re ready for the next steps!

Prepare for Sanding Floorboards

Start with a quick tidy-up by running the hoover over the floor. This will clear the area of larger debris making it easier for you to see any areas of damage. Next, deal with any nails sticking up above the surface of the wood. Using a nail punch ensure all nail heads are below the surface of the floor. Likewise, remove any exposed nails or staples. Now, have a good look at your floors. Are there any loose, broken or rotten boards? Loose boards will need to be fixed down and rotten and broken boards will need to be replaced. When replacing boards remember to choose a wood that is going to match your original floor once it has been sanded down, sealed and stained; reclaimed wood is great for this.

Sanding floorboards Essex
What a different a refurbishment makes!

Lastly, before you can start sanding floorboards, have another good look at your repaired and amended floor. If you’re happy that you haven’t missed anything, do a final hoover to get up any remaining dust. Your floor is now ready for sanding. Remember, the preparation of your floor is integral to achieving a quality end result, so avoid short cuts and take the time to properly prepare your floor.

Learn More About Sanding Floorboards

Want to learn more about how to refurbish your wooden floors? Check out part two of our guide, How to Sand a Floor.

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