How to Stop Toys from Scratching Floors

Wooden floors offer many advantages for families. They are hard-wearing and easy to clean. Hardwood floors reduce indoor air pollution, offer outstanding durability and incredible good looks. However, they can lose their lustre when repeatedly bashed by children’s toys. Luckily, parents need not endure the scratched floors until the nest is empty. There are steps to protect the surface while the children grow. Though wooden floors can be refurbished, there is no need to rush the process! Here’s some ways to stop toys from scratching floors.

stop toys from scratching floors

Top 3 Ways to Stop Toys from Scratching Floors

With a little regular diligence, you can prevent damage to your floors while still leaving children free to play indoors.

1. Keep it clean

Keeping wooden floors free of dust and particles dramatically reduces potential for scratches from toys (or feet!). Regular hoovering with a wooden floor attachment removes grit. Likewise, doormats at entrances encourage wiping off of shoes and collect the worst of the dirt that travels into the home. Better yet, a shoe rack by the door can discourage bringing the outside in. Similarly, area rugs in high traffic areas such as hallways, can reduce early wear on floors. When floors are cleaner, larger toys with wheels that are ridden or pushed around the house do less damage.

2. Wheel socks

An enterprising mum in the US invented Kidems Wheelsox. The Wheelsox slip over ride-on toy wheels, thereby softening their impact on your floors. When the uncovered wheels of ride-ons collect grit, grinding it into the floor during play, your floor’s finish suffers and can prematurely expose the wood. Indeed, if you’ve got un-used socks handy, you can make your one wheel covers:

3. Play mats and area rugs

Whether you specify one particular play room for toys or let children have the run of the house, there is typically one area in the home that sees the majority of playtime. Wherever this is, consider laying down a protective covering. Area rugs provide good protection to your floor as well as a cosy surface to play on. Alternatively, foam play mats make a great alternative to a rug. The soft firm surface is perfect for play. They are washable and hard-wearing. Creating a soft play area in your home can protect your floors while offering a fun and comfortable place for playtime.

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