Wood Floor Installation East Anglia

Wood Flooring Installation East Anglia

wood flooring installation east anglie

Beautiful oak floor in East Anglia

We enjoy all types of wood flooring at Simply Sanding and love when a client is satisfied with their new or refurbished wood floor. We are proud to have completed some great sanding, restoration, and installation jobs in East Anglia and surrounding areas.

Part of pleasing any client is educating them about the type of wood flooring they currently have or are wanting to install.  Unknown to most, there are three main types of hardwood flooring; solid, engineered, and longstrip. Each have their own nuances worth mentioning to clients who may be new to wood flooring.

Breakdown of the 3 Main Types of Hardwood Flooring

  1. Solid Hardwood Flooring: This is the kind very sensitive to moisture. Because of this, solid planks are typically nailed down over a wood type sub-floor and not recommended for use directly over a concrete slab or below ground level (such as a basement, which can flood). Solid hardwood floors are made up of a single piece of wood with tongue and groove sides. One of the best characteristics of solid hardwood floors is that they can be moved, refinished, and recoated many times throughout their lifespan; which can be decades. The largest downside to solid hardwood flooring is the problems which can be caused from too much moisture.  Last I heard, no one likes a wood floor that is buckling or cupping.
  2. Engineered Hardwood Flooring: Engineered wood floors are constructed of 3 or more plies (thin sheets) of wood that are laminated together. While being manufactured, the plies are usually laid in opposite directions. This “cross-ply” type of construction creates a hardwood floor that is dimensionally stable and not affected by changes in moisture and temperature variations like solid wood floors. This type of flooring has become very popular because it can be installed in areas where solid wood flooring may be a bad idea.
  3. Longstrip Hardwood Flooring: These hardwood floors are really engineered floors with the finishing layer (the top) made up of several thinner wood plies glued together to make a single plank. In a longstrip plank the center core is usually a softer wood material. That is used to make the tongue and groove. The finish layer can be almost any hardwood species and is made with smaller individual pieces that are usually laid in 2-3 rows. Longstrip planks give the illusion of a board that is 2-3 narrow planks wide and several planks long. Each longstrip plank appears to be a full pre-assembled section. These wood floors can be installed over a wide variety of subfloors.

With the knowledge of what sorts of hardwood flooring are out there you can make an educated choice regarding what kind is appropriate for your home. Simply Sanding can help with any questions you might have about your space and what type of wood flooring  is best. We are experienced in sanding, restoration, and installation and happy to visit your home in East Anglia or other surrounding locations. At Simply Sanding we offer a free, no obligation quote.