Our pricing is completely transparent. We don’t do ‘pricing from’. What you see listed here is what you pay! Please contact us if you have any queries.

Job Essex, Suffolk,
Cambridge & East London
Central, South
& West London
Floorboard Refurbishment £35 per sq mt £40 per sq mt
Parquet Refurbishment £30 per sq mt £35 per sq mt
Engineered Flooring £30 per sq mt £35 per sq mt
Reclaimed Pine Slivers £12 per sq mt £12 per sq mt
Mass Fill £10 per sq mt £10 per sq mt
Staining £8 per sq mt £8 per sq mt
Minimum Charge £350 £450
All commercial work is liable to VAT @ 20% (Domestic No VAT)
Any extra labour will be charged @ £30 per hour
Refurbishment charges include Lacquering with 3 coats and Oiling with 2 coats
Work in Central, South & West London may be liable for Congestion Charge and parking charges.