Wooden Floor Trends 2017: Herringbone Floors

Wooden Floor Trends 2017 Herringbone FloorsNot the least bit surprising, the parquet flooring trend that caught our attention last autumn is still going strong! The classic herringbone pattern has taken the spotlight with its stylish and sophisticated design. Wooden floor trends 2017 herringbone floors have won a spot in our hearts and the homes of our clients who adore the intricate layout, adding texture and vagary to the simplest of spaces.

Wooden Floor Trends 2017 Herringbone Floors

What is Herringbone? Herringbone is a particular pattern of parquet. Named after the bones of a herring, the zigzag design creates the illusion that the wooden floorboards are woven together. It has proven to be a timeless style with its origin dating back to 500 B.C.

Installation and Refurbishment of Herringbone Wooden Floors

Herringbone installation and refurbishment is one of our specialities here at Simply Sanding. Each plank is thoughtfully laid out so that the overall pattern, grain of the wood, and finish, meets expectations. When it comes to refurbishing existing parquet flooring, we take great care in making sure that the floorboards are protected to preserve their beauty. Our experts are not afraid of the most problematic parquet floors; we welcome the challenge! In fact, we love it.

Also, we pride ourselves that wooden floor trends 2017 herringbone floors can be installed or refurbished without breaking the bank. Simply Sanding’s commitment to transparency when it comes to our prices, allows our customers to know ahead of time what to expect in terms of cost for the project. The same is true for all of our services. In fact, we offer free, no obligation quotes on installation, repair, and sanding. Just ring us and we will be happy to provide a quote.

Simply Sanding’s Service Area

Simply Sanding offers service that includes floor sanding Essex, floor sanding Suffolk and floor sanding London. Wooden floor trends 2017 herringbone floors looks like it’s here to stay so if you’ve been considering updating your hardwood floors to parquet or would like to refresh your existing herringbone flooring, contact us today to schedule a consultation.